in the spirit of hong kong dai pai dongs, sharing plates are placed in the middle of the table for groups to pick at with outstretched chopsticks.

dishes inspired by old school cha chaan teng classics are given a fresh interpretation with the use of modern techniques and chef yu’s innovative approach to chinese flavours.

banqueting menus are available for larger groups which offer a generous taste of favourites and signatures, served sharing style.

Ho Lee Fook - Food

chef jow

executive chef jowett yu brings his diverse culinary background and passion for chinese flavours to his position at ho lee fook. yu’s cooking style reflects his taiwanese heritage and extensive time spent in chinese communities around the globe.

his distinctive take on regional chinese cuisine combines the familiar flavours of traditional dishes with premium local ingredients, modern techniques and refined aesthetic sensibilities.



a plate of mom's ‘mostly cabbage, a little bit of pork dumplings' is a must, followed by fiery chongqing style chicken wings that arrive in a mound of heaven facing chillies and dried sichuan peppers.

the roast wagyu short ribs are ordered by almost every table – a huge plate of sweet and succulent charred meat, with a jalapeño puree and green shallot kimchi.

breakfast 2.0 is a nostalgic taste of old hong kong. an indulgent bowl of horlicks ice cream, cornflake honeyjoy, walnut oatmeal, dried longan, cocoa coffee crumbs.