Wagyu steak tartare, Yunnan-style, hot and sour, herbs 168

Hokkaido scallops, brown butter, kombu soy, celtuce, tarragon 178

Mom’s “mostly cabbage, a little bit of pork” dumplings, sacha soy dressing 108

“Prawn toast x okonomiyaki” Kewpie mayonnaise, Bull-Dog sauce, shaved cabbage, aonori 128

Chongqing-style chicken wings, heaven facing chillies, dried chillies, Sichuan pepper 138


Smoked eggplant salad, fermented chillies, red cabbage, Vietnamese mint 88

Shredded chicken salad, Shandong-style, mizuna, crispy taro 118

Grilled calamari, Taiwanese shacha paste, flowering garlic chives, pickled fennel, Thai basil 148

Wing bean and edamame salad, vegetarian XO, garlic sauce, puffed buckwheat 108

Bamboo salad, pickled lotus root, snow peas, five-spiced tofu, sesame 88

roast meats

Roast goose
(half) 398 (upper quarter) 208 (lower quarter) 238

**These items may run out**

Crispy skin chicken (half) 228

Kurobuta pork char-siu 218

Roast platter 478

Hong Kong-style French toast, peanut butter, served with maple syrup and condensed milk 38

Roast suckling pig (whole) 1388
**48-hours advance notice**



Asparagus, broccoli, sugar snap peas, garlic, Shaoxing 128

Fried Corn, typhoon-shelter style, crispy garlic crumbs 118

Morning glory, fermented soy bean, bird’s eye chilli, crispy garlic 98

Vegetarian mapo tofu, Omnipork, chilli bean paste, pickled turnips 128

NZ Cloudy Bay clams, Hong Kong-style cured pork belly, dashi, Shaoxing 188

Black Angus beef tenderloin, green peppercorn, celery, cashews 208

not a small plate

Grilled Te Mana fatty lamb ribs, Xinjiang spices, parsley salad (please allow 25 minutes cooking time) 298

Grilled whole snapper, Jamaican-Chinese jerk rub, grilled lime 358

Jack’s fried salt and pepper grouper, silken tofu, lemon 188

Roast Wagyu short rib, jalapeño purée, green shallot kimchi, soy glaze 558

rice and noodle

Vegetarian nasi goreng, fermented long beans, shimiji mushrooms, shredded lettuce 138

Combination seafood chow-mein, tiger prawns, calamari, snow peas 168

Lamb dan dan noodle, sesame paste, crispy panko, rice paddy herb 148

Wok-fried cheong fun with XO, white garlic chives, toasted sesame 148

Shaanxi-style scissor-cut noodles, seasonal vegetables 138

Mix your own steamed rice, seaweed, toasted sesame, pork floss, sesame oil 68


“Breakfast 2.0” Horlicks ice cream, cornflake honeyjoy, walnut oatmeal, dried longan, cocoa coffee crumbs 88

“Ying Yeung” Hong Kong-style milk tea panna cotta, iced coffee 78

Grapefruit “Fro-Yo”, guava granita, pomelo, tapioca pearls, kaffir lime 78

chef’s menu

ask one of our team members for our curated set menus and let us take care of you (parties of 4 or more only)